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Roktek Services is your complete rock and tunnel specialist with a proven track record. Roktek Services was specifically incorporated in 1997 (and recently amalgamated as a division under A.L. Sims & Son Ltd.) to service the civil and mining sectors in Western Canada.  Roktek has expanded in a number of ways to encompass a multitude of projects in a variety of locations.

Roktek Services specializes in underground excavation, ground support and rock stabilization.  We offer a wide range of expertise in all aspects of mining, tunneling, construction as well as explosives and blasting with a meticulous focus on safety.  Projects are individually tailored to suit your specific needs. Roktek Services will supply the necessary assistance in consulting, contracting and the implementing of procedures necessary, to ensure that all your project needs are met with the highest levels of expertise and professionalism.

Today Roktek Services is an integral part of the SIMS GROUP of companies.  The diversity of this group enables Roktek and its associates to tailor expertise and equipment to each project.  From site development to project completion, it is Roktek's mandate to finish our projects safely, on time and on budget.

Roktek Services ensures safety requirements are met through:

  • Site specific orientation, training and safety programs
  • Specific policies and procedures for each division and job site
  • Informed personnel at all levels, trained for hazard identification and assessment
  • Safety inspections and formal incident investigations, defined by a controlled record and documentation system.
  • Certification for specialized jobs, tasks and equipment.
  • 5-Point safety system & daily pre-shift toolbox safety meetings.
  • Daily inspection, recording and monitoring of equipment to maintain required safety standards.
  • COR audits implemented to monitor company safety performances.

Our pro-active approach to safety ensures Roktek Services will continue to be a safety oriented employer and contractor.

Roktek Services utilizes a diverse fleet of underground equipment managed by its associate company A.L. Sims & Son Ltd.  All equipment meets or exceeds B.C. Ministry of Mines & Energy and Worksafe BC Regulations.  A.L. Sims & Son Ltd. strives to maintain all of its equipment in excellent working condition, with regular inspections and updates for optimum performance.  A.L. Sims & Son Ltd. also offers a mobile mechanic service for all equipment located on job sites.


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